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is a medicine that cures Ugga-Ugga. Sporkle syrup is very difficult to find and usually goes for around 250,000 neopoints in the Trading Post.  

If you visit the Healing Springs in Faerieland every 30 minutes or so, the faerie will eventually heal your pet.

Sporkle Syrup is a medicine found in the Neopian hospital or the Trading Post.It is less likely to be found in players' shops.Trust me. I've tryed.Most people say it costs over 120k, but it really only costs 6k.It cures the disease "Ugga-Ugga."It is the color purple.If you are over 13 years old on neopets, then if someone has sporkle syrup in their inventory , u can ask them if u can buy it from them.


sporkle syrup was sold cheap to me cant belive that i got it for 500np was cheap go to pharmasy

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