Paintbrush zombie

Zombie Paint Brush

Zombie is one of the colours that can be applied to a Neopet. You can get a zombie pet by using the Zombie Paint Brush, costing around 1,400,000 Neopoints, in the Rainbow Pool.

Zombie pets look somewhat decomposed and rotten with a faint green color, sometimes with additional stitches and tape on their body. Generally, Zombie Neopets will automatically wear tattered and damaged clothing as part of the coloring such as torn trousers/pants and ripped shirts.


The following Pets can be Zombie with a Paint Brush worth around 1,400,000 NP.



Note These items do not include Paint Brush Clothing.

Lisha vs Zombie Lisha Stamp
:My Neighbour the Zombie
:Quiguki Zombie
:The Zombie Chomby
:Usuki Zombie
:Wind Up Zombie Aisha
:Zombie Aisha (TCG)
:Zombie Draik Egg
:Zombie Faleinn Stmap
:Zombie Flotsam (TCG)
:Zombie Flotsam Plushie
:Zombie Grarrl Alert Bulletin
:Zombie Grave Book
:Zombie Handbook
:Zombie Legends
:Zombie Moltenore (TCG)
:Zombie Paint Brush (around 6,000,000NP)
:Zombie Squirt Gun
:Zombie Unis
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