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Yurble (YER-bul) are neopets. Yurbles are one of many different species that exist in Neopia. As a general rule Yurbles are curious, fun loving Neopets that love eating just about anything. They are not limited edition, meaning you can create one any day of the year.

Site description: "Cute and cheerful, the Yurble is the happiest when scurrying through the undergrowth in search of food."[1]

Available Colours

Below are all possible colours for Yurble. Hit "Expand" to see every one!

Baby Yurble BiscuitYurble Chocolate Yurble
Baby Biscuit Chocolate

Unconverted Pets

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Some colours of Yurble were exempt from auto-conversion when Neopets updated the pet art. Click "Expand" to see all possible unconverted Yurble.

Yurble cloud baby Yurble darigan baby UC Faerie Yurble
Cloud Darigan Faerie

Famous Yurbles


Official Yurble page

All Neopets species

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Neopia is inhabited by numerous and fascinating species of neopets. Visit the Neopet Category for a full list.
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