Wheel of excitement

Wheel of Excitement (redesign)

The Wheel of Excitement is Faerieland's special wheel. Before the Save the Wheels event, it only cost 100 NP to play, but afterwards it was bumped up to 500 NP. This wheel can be spun every two hours. This wheel is a fan favorite because of the many good prizes. 

The wheel was managed by the faeries of Faerieland, but they were replaced with a Light Faerie. The wheel is a fan favorite because of the many good prizes.


Lightning Bolt All your pets lose half of their health
Healing Potion All your pets are healed, and any sicknesses they had are cured.
2,500 You win 2,500 NP
500 You win 500 NP
Fire All your pets lose some health
Pink Bottle You win a random magic item
1,000 You win 1,000 NP
Dark Faerie

Nothing happens

(Before the Battledome redesign, One of your pets' active abilities would be lowered by one level)

Skull and Crossbones Your active pet gets Chickaroo (a disease)
Question Mark You win a random amount of Neopoints (100 - 350)
5,000 You win 5,000 NP
Keyhole and Lock Nothing happens
Pant Devil

Nothing happens (Previously, the Pant Devil would steal something from your inventory)

400 You win 400 NP
200,000 You win 20,000 NP and the Wheel Of Excitement avatar
Light Faerie

Nothing happens

(Before the Battledome redesign, One of your pets' active abilities would be raised by one level)



Wheel of Excitement: Unlock by landing on the 200,000 space.

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