Welcome to the Neopets Wiki (Formerly known as the Neopets Guild)! My name is JI, and I'm the head crat of this wiki (the owner/ boss).

Trust me, there is ALOT that needs to be done!



Make sure to follow these formats!

Character Page's - Format

Location Pages - Format

Petpet/Petpetpet Pages - Format

Werabale Pages - Format

BTW, if you want to add tips/advice for pages, you may do so by adding a topic on that page's comment section. If you want to add a hidden area (such as fyora's castle) or a cheat (that is official and NOT a hack!) you may do so in the trivia section of the page.Other than that, follow the format.

Things to do

Pet Pages

This is our top priority right now! Some of the pet pages contain content copied directly from other fansites, and they need to be changed or they will be removed for copyright infringement. Check out this page to see how to format.
Never paste information from other fansites into pages here, and if you're quoting Neopets directly, you need to include a reference link.

Petpet/Petpetpet pages

We need petpet/petpetpet pages that follow the format. Check out this page and this one to see the petpet/petpetpet pages this wiki has so far and add any missing pages.

Paint brush Photos

All Paint brush Pages must be formatted like this.

Wearable Pages

We have virtually NO wearable pages so PLEASE add as many wearable pages as you can in THIS format

User Privelages


Currently, I am the only active sysop member of this wiki. So, I'm looking for admins/rollbacks for this wikia. Of course, you need to prove yourself worthy of such power ^_^. If you meet the high requirements, you will become an admin or a rollback! Check out this page to apply.

You may not apply to be a crat because only one person needs to do that, and that would be me.



Just don't say the F-word, the S-word or the B-word and we're cool. No sexual stuff either.

User to user

You may not Offend/Intimidate/Harrassing another user. Doing so will result in two warnings. Further Offending/Harrassing/Intimidiating of other user's will result in a block.

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