Ji Robinson

aka Ji

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  • I live in the land of milk and honey! Wanna come?!
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is editing a bunch of wiki's
  • I am Male

This user is the Head Bureaucrat of the Neopets Wiki. Please feel free to ask this user for help.

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Hello there! I'm Ji, Head Bureaucrat of this wiki. I would like to welcome you to the Neopets wiki. If you have any questions, please leave a message on my wall.

About Me

2011-10-25 1335

Me on Neopets ^.^

Hi, my username on Neopets is jr5838. I played Neopets from September 09 - January 2010.

I left for a year and I returned in June '11! I was then a driving force in turning this site around until my computer shut down in August '12. Now I'm back and ready to contribute to the neopet wikia community!

Make sure to check out my shop and buy something that interests you. Also, Check out these freebies! If you do them everyday, they will REALLY help you. :)

If you wanna help around this wiki, see what's happening right here!

My Accomplishments

Stuf 002

Me in real life ^.^

  • Over 1000 edits
  • Becoming a crat
  • Activating Badges
  • Creating this wiki's theme
  • Made frontpage slideshow
  • I have the most edits on this wiki

My Goals for the Neopets Wiki

In Progress

  • Adding/Formatting all petpet pages - 11%
  • Format all Paintbrush Style pages - 3%
  • Reformatting all game pages - 67%

Not Started

  • Add all TCG cards to pages - N/A
  • Create pages and a format for all Weapons - N/A
  • Adding/Formatting all Wearables - N/A
  • Adding/Formatting all character pages - N/A


  • Create a Game Template
  • Create a Petpet Template
  • Create a Wearable Template

My Goals for Related Wiki's

  • Begin work on the Petpet Park wiki
  • Begin work on the Monkey Quest Wiki
  • Begin work on the Neopets Fanon Wiki

Completed Goals

  • None

Edit Count

  • 100 edits
  • 500 edits
  • 1000 edits
  • 1500 edits
  • 2000 edits
  • 2500 edits
  • 3000 edits
  • 3500 edits
  • 4000 edits
  • 4500 edits
  • 5000 edits
  • 5500 edits
  • 6000 edits
  • 6500 edits
  • 7000 edits
  • 7500 edits

My Neopets

Other Stuff

Epic neopet ninja dude
Ji's Status Bar
| Current task: Reformat all of the game pages. Status: Offline.
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