The Uni (you-nee) is a quadruped Neopet (meaning it walks on four legs) with a short coat, lengthening around the hooves and at the mane and tail. It is easily recognised by the twirled horn on its forehead, as well as the two small wings at its shoulder blades. At around 120cm, it is one of the larger Neopets. Unis can be found all over Neopia. They are well-known for the pride they take in their appearance and can spend hours on grooming and choosing accessories. They are also very inquisitive pets who like to know everything that is going on around them. Their wings are not only for show; they are just as graceful and agile when flying as they are on the ground. It would appear that many Unis have a distinct sweet tooth and like the taste of chocolate, candied Neggs and other sugary treats.

Site description: "Unis are vain little Neopians who often spend hours preening themselves to look their best. They are very inquisitive but hate getting their hooves dirty."[1]

Available Colours

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8-Bit Uni Baby Uni BiscuitUni
8-Bit Baby Biscuit

Unconverted Pets

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Uni darigan baby Uni faerie baby Uni grey baby
Darigan Faerie Grey

Previous Versions

Its basic design has remained the same over the years, but it has been drastically re-posed to make it appear more three-dimensional and realistic.


Famous Uni


  • The earliest drawings, with the Uni somewhere between sideways- and forward-facing, are reminiscent of ancient Egyptian paintings; this was probably not intentional.
  • Its name derives from the mythological creature known as the unicorn, which was very similar to the modern-day Uni but was not normally portrayed with wings.


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Neopia is inhabited by numerous and fascinating species of neopets. Visit the Neopet Category for a full list.
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