There are several ways to train your pet so it can have higher abilities. The level for each ability is measured by a number with 0 being the lowest. Each new NeoPet is created with initial levels. The levels can be increased with training or by random events.

Possible ways of training

  • One way of training your battledome abillities is Mystery Island Training School where you pay for lessons using codestones and a Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk island where you use dubloons. Codestones cost more than Dubloons because Mystery Island Training School takes less time than the Swashbuckling Academy. So if you have the money to spend, it is recommended to use the Mystery island training school. However, if you're low on cash then you should choose the Academy. The Academy is free on your pet's day. Also the Academy can only increase your pets levels up to 40, but the Mystery Island training school can train your pet all the way to level 250.
  • The Secret Laboratory Map can be used to change your pets' abilities, but only if you have all the pieces of the map.
  • There is also the secret island training school which is in the techo head on Mystery Island it can be accessed by anyone but can only be entered with your pet higher than 250. This school has much more to do things inside it with a battledome shop where all the new items are stocked before there anywhere else a shrine of wisdom and can train your pet up to any level.

The capabilities you can increase are:

  • Level
  • Strength
  • Defense
  • Movement (or agility)
  • Intelligence
  • Health (HP)
  • Fishing Skill

A well trained pet (one with higher capabilities) will be stronger and better able to fight in the battledome.