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"Although the bat-creature's greed inspired us, he was weak. We hope you will not fail us, Kass."

– The Three

The Three are three malevolent spirits who influenced both Lord Darigan and Lord Kass. According to The Neopedia, they live "In the swirling, darkest depths of our minds" and can easily influence anyone to choose Greed, Ambition, or Revenge over doing good.


Little is known about them, but it is known they bring ruin to kingdoms through war. According to the Neopedia, they don't seem to take sides, as they will both urge a king into war, and try to convince their caretakes to overthrow the same king.


One appears to be a faerie, one is a gelert, and one is a skeith. They all are pale and wear dark hooded robes.


The Faerie has grey and purple hair, and wears a choker.


The Gelert has a beard and moustache, and is a pale blue.


The skeith is a pale green, and appears to have a transparent skull over his face.

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