Pets splyke
The Splyke is a Brown Petpet available here, or from the Shop Wizard for around 3,500NP.

"Splyke seems to be always shocked at something... and is startled very easily. Do not make loud noises or sudden jerky movements in its vicinity."

Splykes are also available in Black, Blue, Grey, Halloween, Red, Snow, and Zombie.

This Petpet won the PPL, or Petpet Protection League on Week 97.


  • Brown Splyke Plushie
  • I Love Splyke T-Shirt


Escape from Meridell Castle

The Splyke makes an appearance in this game as an enemy. Just be careful, they have a habit of spinning really fast, which means they can't be destroyed. Wait until the turn back to normal to try to destroy them.

If you get into the top 50 in this game you can receive the Draik - Escape from Meridell Castle Avatar.

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