Skunk peophin

Skunk Peophin

Skunk is one of the colours that can be applied to a Neopet or Petpet. It was originally known as Black and white but its name was changed to Skunk after the generic black and white coloring of a skunk. You can get a skunk pet either by using the Skunk Paint Brush, costing around 900,000 Neopoints, in the Rainbow Pool, or by using a Morphing Potion. Skunk pets are usually black with a thick white stripe starting from their head and running down their back similar to a real-world skunk. Some skunk pets also have a white belly.

Neopets that can be painted Skunk

Acara [1], Aisha [2], Bori [3], Buzz [4], Chomby [5], Cybunny [6], Draik [7], Elephante [8], Eyrie [9], Flotsam [10], Gelert [11], Grarrl [12], Ixi [13], Jetsam [14], JubJub [15], Kacheekm[16], Kiko [17], Koi [18], Kougra [19], Krawk [20], Kyrii [21], Lupe [22], Moehog [23], Mynci [24], Peophin [25], Poogle [26], Quiggle [27], Scorchio [28], Shoyru [29], Skeith [30], Techo,Tonu [31], Uni [32], Usul [33], Wocky [34], Yurble [35], Xweetok [36], and Zafara [37].



  • The Skunk Flotsam, Mynci, and Scorchio do not have the white stripe on their heads and backs.
  • The white stripe on the Skunk Poogle and Skunk Xweetok is split in the middle.
  • The Skunk Usul has green neck fur, rather than black or white.
  • Originally the Skunk Skeith had a white belly but now the Skunk Skeith has a black belly.
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