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Don't be a Tax Beast---play for Neopoints honestly and fairly!

In any game, there are bound to be players who break the rules in attempt to get ahead. Neopets is no exception. There are many scams and cheats out there, so here we outline some of the more common ones so you know what to look out for.

If you do happen upon anything you believe to be a scam, alert TNT of this crime, giving as much information as you can.

Types of Scams

  • Websites selling Neopets, Neopoints, items or accounts

There are many websites which sell in-game items items at ridiculous prices in dollars or other real world currency. These sites are very dangerous, and often after completing the item/NP transfer your account will be frozen due to involving one-sided or uneven trades. Some of these sites also sell pets. Beware that it is very easy for TNT to track unconverted pet transactions (especially rare types), and many users get frozen shortly after receiving their pet.

  • NP Generators

These involve handing over your account details to somebody who will make NP for you. Never give somebody your account details, no matter how tempting the offer may be, since they will break into your account again some weeks or months later.

  • Glitches

Users taking advantage of glitches are often frozen en masse (and permanently!) once TNT discovers the glitch. If somebody encourages you to abuse a glitch, report them immediately. If you found you have accidentally profited from a glitch, donate your extra items and NP to the Money Tree, and make a report to TNT.

  • Item Pools

Item pools involve many players 'chipping in' to purchase an item together. They are usually for avatar items which can be shared without being consumed. TNT has stated this is against the rules. Sadly, the person who bought the item will often keep it for themselves afterwards! Never partake in an item pool; save up and buy it yourself!

There are many types of trading post scams. Some people offer low-value items on high-value trades in the hopes that users will accidentally accept their item, or perhaps mistake it for something more expensive. Be very careful when accepting or rejecting offers on your items! Always double-check the value of what is being offered.