The Puppyblew is a Petpet available here, or from the Shop Wizard for around 2,500NP.

This Blue Petpet is also available in Brown, Christmas, Faerie, Fire, Green, Halloween, Island, Mutant, Pink. Pirate, Plushie, Robot, Snow, Spotted, Tyrannian and Yellow.

You can learn to draw a Puppyblew here.


200m Peanut Dash

In this game you control a Puppyblew and an Elephante to catch a peanut while clearing obstacles. If the Pubblyblew does not catch the peanut the Crokabek will get it, who takes off at the same time as you start running. You can play here

Cooking Pot

Puppyblew + Poppit = Popblew


If you send someone the Puppyblew "I Love You (Animated)" Neogreeting, here on Valentine's Day (February 14), you will receive the Vaentine Chia Avatar.


  • Puppyblew (TCG)
  • Puppyblew Balloon
  • Usuki Puppyblew Set
  • Yellow Puppyblew Flying Disc.
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