In Neopets, a paint brush is an item used to permanently change the colour of pets and petpets. "Paint brush" is often abbreviated to "PB". There are the four basic colors, such as Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue but also a multitude of other colour with new ones often being released, these can be rather exciting such as Faerie and Wraith and Maraquan. More expensive appearances often come with paintbrush clothing too; for instance Christmas, Royal or Halloween.

Paint brushes tend to be the most wanted and expensive item in the game, so users are warned to avoid scams making false promises of paint brushes. A few paintbrushes are rather easy to obtain too so different brushes can have very different prices. Some below 50,000 while others are more than 5 million.

Users used to be tricked by thinking plushie paint brushes were actual paint brushes. The baby paint brush plushie is just a toy for instance. Also tthe Stone and the glass paint brush don't paint your pet either, since those colors were retired.

Paint brushes can be found from the Trading Post or the Shop Wizard, and can also be won as a prize from games like the Wheel of ExcitementWheel of Monotony, or Fruit Machine. The alien Aisha vending machine has the potential to give out any paint brush when you put in nerkmids.

Paint brushes are one of the many ways to change your pet.

Sparkly Paint Brushes

Sparkly Paint Brushes are not magical like the other ones and are actually categorized as school supplies. You cannot paint your pet with them.

Types of Paintbrushes

Petpet Paintbrushes


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