Orange is one of styles that Neopets can take on. Usually the orange style is just a color choice, but in the case of Chias, it's more extreme. An orange Chia looks a bit like the orange fruit with legs. Other pets that can be colored orange include:


There's is a "Mad about Orange" avatar you can earn by having 8 orange items in your inventory (and then you have to do something/go somewhere) Some orange items are

  • Orange Origami Gallion
  • Orange Chocolate Shoyru
  • Orange Faerie Bubble
  • Orange Mouthwash
  • Orange Pteri Plushie
  • Orange Sweetie
  • Orange Chicken
  • Orange Juice
  • Non-Magical Orange Chia Pop
  • Orange Grundo Survival Handbook
  • Orange
  • Orange Nimmo Keyring
  • Sand Orange
  • Blue Orange Chia Pop
  • Chocolate Orange Doughnut
  • Orange Scorchio Cookie
  • Orange Skeith Stamp
  • Oranges Are Better (book)
  • Orange Central History
  • Orange Bori Action Figure
  • Bottle Of Orange Sand
  • Orange Neodrops
  • Orange Jelly Sandwich
  • Orange Gummy Quiggles
  • Carton of Orange Juice
  • Snorange
  • Long Orange Dress
  • Orange Gelert Lollypop
  • Orange Pteri Plushie
  • Pineapple and Oranges
  • Blue and Orange Rug
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