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Neopia is a world where 54 different species of Neopets live in. It is also home to 466 different species of Petpets and 39 even smaller organisms called Petpetpets.

As of 2012, there are twenty lands in Neopia. Nineteen are officially listed on the explore page:

Unofficially, there also exists Jelly World.

Haunted Woods, Lost Desert, Meridell, and Mystery Island all have subregions that could potentially be their own lands (Neovia, Qasala, the Darigan Citadel, and the Lost City of Geraptiku respectively).

There is also a mysterious island populated by giant Petpetpets, and which was discovered by a group of archaeologists and the adventurer Roxton A Colchester III, but is not open to the public since it is very dangerous.

There are several blank areas left on the Neopian map which could lead new lands in the future.

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