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Neopets is a virtual pet online game that allows the creation of virtual pets that inhabit the virtual world of Neopia.


Visitors can create an account and take care of up to five virtual pets (six for premium members), buying them food, toys, clothes, and other accessories using the virtual currencies: Neopoints and Neocash. Neopoints can be earned through many ways including playing games, investing in the stock market, and winning contests. Neocash though must be purchased with real money, with occasional promotional events that allow users to earn Neocash for free. Users can explore the world of Neopia with their Neopets and interact with each other through the Neoboards, Neomail, guilds, and certain games.


Neopets was started way back in 1997 in a dingy little computer room by Adam Powell and Donna Williams. The site was launched on 15th November 1999. Originally it was meant for "bored college students who missed having a pet". Neopets was nearly called Geopets but the domain was taken. It would have been called 'Varmints' if Adam's mum got her way.

Two years after its launch, the site was bought by a number of investors led by Doug Dohring. Neopets was then bought by Viacom (the owners of Nickolodeon) back in June 2005 for $16 million (USD), and on 17 March 2014, the site was bought by JumpStart for an unknown amount.

The History Of Neopets

The History Of Neopets


Neopets has been available in many languages since 2004 -- including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Dutch.

At the end of 2008, the Italian and Japanese versions of Neopets, stopped being updated. Since January 2009, you will not be able to get new news on the Korean Neopets site. From February 2015, the Chinese and Dutch versions of the Neopets page stopped updating.

Video Games

Neopets The Darkest Faerie

Box art of Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, the first console game released in the series.

In 2005, Neopets: The Darkest Faerie was released as Neopet's first console game release on the Sony PlayStation 2 console. Since then, three more video games were released in the series, which are Neopets: Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing, Neopets Puzzle Adventure, and Neopets Codestone Quest.

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