NeoHTML is a specialized formatting language used in some parts of the NeoPets site. It is similar to HTML, except it is somewhat simpler and uses square brackets like [ ] instead of the angle brackets < > that HTML uses.

Formatting Text


So, in NeoHTML, typing [b]text[/b] creates text.


[center]more text[/center] creates

more text


[font c=green f=times]sample text[/font] creates sample text.

[font c=purple f=papyrus]sample text[/font] creates sample text.

s=a number from 1 to 9 sets the size.

Adding Predefined Images

NeoPets has a list of smilies.


NeoHTML also has a bunch of smiley commands. :) creates a small, yellow happy face. :( creates a small blue sad face.

List of Smileys

mini neopets

Mini images of some neopets can be created with *jubjub*, *chia* and other similar commands.

holiday objects

There are Christmas and Halloween themed images you can include in text. Some of them are *snowflake*, *pumpkin* and *present*.

Random images

There is one random image I know of, and thats the catfish. To do the catfish, type *catfish* There is also *violin*, *unsure*, *cry* and *lol*

image code

ok if you wanna add an image, just put <img src=" URL OF IMAGE HERE"> if you wanna get more avanced <imgsrc="URL" width="(size you want)" height="(height you want)">

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