Morphing potion
Morphing Potions
change the Colour and Species of your pet, for example you have a "Plushie Skeith Morphing Potion" and you give it to your Green Chia, your pet will then become a Plushie Skeith.

Morphing Potions are a common way of getting Draiks and Krawks, as well as Limited Edition Pets.

The cheapest MP is a Yellow Ogrin Morphing Potion for around 2,000 NP, flying all the way up to 300,000,000 NP for a Plushie Draik Morphing Potion.

See Transmogrification Potion also.


Do not feed your Grarrl or Skeith a morphing potion, make sure you give it to them. Otherwise they will simply eat it and nothing will happen!


Magical kauvara avvie
Use any Morphing potion on one of your pets and you will receive the Magical Kauvara Avatar.

Green Uni Project

Green Uni Project, or GUP, is a group of people who believe players should have to work to get the pets they want, and shouldn't be able to adopt painted pets. They take painted or limited edition pets from the pound and transform them into green unis using morphing potions. In response to this, there is now a group called Hush Guppies that retaliates by adopting green unis and transforming them into painted or LE pets. Both groups are old and not very active any more.


There are HUNDREDS of morphing potions - there are 54 blue morphing potions alone, yet only 1 invisible Morphing Potion! - so we won't list them here, but for the most part if a pet is available in a colour there will probably be a morphing potion for it.

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