Moltara City

Moltara is a land of Neopia. It is located beneath the islands north of Lutari Island.

Site Description

" Deep in the core of Neopia lies Moltara, a land of glowing lava flows and strange steam-powered contraptions. Unbeknownst to most of Neopia until Y11, Moltarans have lived alongside the searing magma for many years."

Moltara City

"The city of Moltara dwells deep beneath the surface of Neopia. According to somewhat inconsistent official records, it was discovered by legendary researcher Clara Chatham (and her sidekick, Roxton Colchester III). The denizens of Moltara occupy a colossal system of caves and magma chambers—very dangerous for the unwary!"

Sub Locations



Plots involving Moltara

Moltara was introduced during the Atlas of the Ancients plot.


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