"For centuries, he was Neopia's greatest threat, a villain without equal... but all of that is behind him now. He is a changed Wocky. Never again would he embrace the darkness. Never..."

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Magax is a Wocky and the protagonist of MAGAX:Destroyer and MAGAX:Destroyer II.


Not much is truly known about Magax's past, although the Neopedia states he was once a "villain without equal" before reforming. His activities as a villain and what caused him to reform are unknown. What is known is that at some point he used to be one of Hubrid Nox's servants (although Magax states that he was a slave rather than a servant). He then turned against Hubrid and started fighting against him.

It is mentioned that during his time as a villain, he committed some crime heinous enough that the Faeries refuse to forgive him. It is unknown if this occurred while in the service of Hubrid Nox or what this crime even was, but it is shown to continue to haunt him, and implied that whatever he did directly affected the Faeries badly enough that they refuse to forgive him. Magax fights tirelessly to try and show that he has changed, however he has not been recognized by TNT in a plot.

During the Obelisk War plot, however, when the Neopedia article about the Brute Squad was released, it was revealed he had joined the Brute Squad after the death of Hubrid Nox at the hands of Xandra. His reasons for doing so are unknown, but it is known that the Neopedia article for The Awakened listed Hubrid Nox as an honorary member, which could possibly be one of the reasons for Magax joining the Obelisk war. It is also possible he was attracted by The Brute Sqaud's pledge to defend against darkness, however it may come.


Design comparison magax
He is a dark blue wocky usually depicted with red eyes, no mane, a darker blue goatee, and a large scar over his right eye.

His design often changes slightly. Earlier designs had him fingerless and only wearing a vest, while later designs gave him fingers and a full outfit. The color of his eyes also changes.


Not much is known about his personality, but from what is seen, he is remorseful about his past deeds (whatever they were) and has sworn to make amends by constantly thwarting Hubrid Nox and guarding the graveyard. He is often seen grinning while in fight scenes, suggesting that he may enjoy battle.

Various descriptions give hints into his character

TCG Card
There's one little shred of light inside him, fighting against all the darkness, and it just might win.
MAGAX Poster
Is he good or is he evil? Nobody really knows...
Magax: Destroyer
Sworn to protect all that is good in Neopia Magax tries his best to foil the nefarious Hubrid Nox.
Advent Calander
He is shown to be somewhat remorseful about Hubrid Nox's death. The Y15 Item shows Hubrid Nox and Magax in a picture together, with the description "Aw, they used to be best buddies!..."


  • Aim magax


    Despite possessing no wings, Magax is capable of floating in the air, and propelling himself. Sadly, turning around seems to be a slow process for him.
  • Energy Beams: Magax can launch energy beams at opponents that are capable of destroying ghosts, a feat that normal weapons and means are incapable of.
  • Energy Weapons: Magax is shown to be able to mold his energy into a weapon. Although previously he was only seen with an axe, an NC Mall item revealed he could also forge shields from it, suggesting his axe is merely a preference.
  • Combat: As a member of The Brute Squad, it is confirmed Commander Flint considers him, like the other members, to be one of Neopia's best warriors. As Magax is not a battledome opponent, his stats are unknown.



Guide Magax through the graveyard, this game is now in the game graveyard.

MAGAX:Destroyer II

You must guide MAGAX through the graveyard. You can play here.

Neopets Chadley Daily Dare - MAGAX Destroyer II (Day 14)

Neopets Chadley Daily Dare - MAGAX Destroyer II (Day 14)

MAGAX has finally managed to thwart Hubrid Nox's horrid plans. He arrived at their usual battleground one night, just as he had so many nights before. The area was quiet, however, and MAGAX feared that Hubrid was developing new plans... Man, how he hates being right all the time. Your mission is to once again guide MAGAX against the evil forces of Hubrid Nox.
Control MAGAX with the left and right arrow keys. Press spacebar to shoot.

2017 Games Master Challenge

Started November 20th of 2017, Magax and Hubrid Nox represent the two sides to choose from in the 2017 Games Master Challenge. Magax is the head of "The Living" while Hubrid Nox is the head of "The Dead"


If you score 3,500 or more points in MAGAX:Destroyer II, you will receive the Magax: Destroyer Avatar.


  • Toy plushie magax

    The rare MAGAX: Destroyer Plushie

    Dark Chocolate MAGAX
  • Headless Magax Plushie
  • Holographic Magax Stamp
  • Holiday MAGAX and Nox Playset
  • MAGAX Action Figure
  • MAGAX Poster
  • Magax:Destroyer
  • MAGAX: Destroyer (TCG)
  • MAGAX: Destroyer Plushie
  • MAGAX Energy Shield
  • Magax Trick-or-Treat Bag
  • Happy Wocky Day Card
  • How to Make a Headstone
  • Nostalgic Picture Frame
  • MAGAXs Menacing Sledgehammer



  • There is a mild amount of debate over whether or not his name is supposed to be spelled in all capital letters. Neopets has used all-caps and regular capitalization interchangeably.
  • On the Game Graveyard tombstone, his scar is on the wrong side.
  • In his Advent Calender appearances and his TCG card, his tail is noticeably missing.
  • He's one of the few Wockies who do not have a mane, although one image shows he used to have one.
  • TNT has stated that the "g" in his name is meant to be pronounced the same as "J" similarly to words such as "magic" in Neopets Editorial - Issue 51 | Question 3
  • Magax's name may be a combination of the words "magic" and "ax" as a reference to his trademark weapon.

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