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Lord Kass is a Darigan Eyrie who served under Lord Darigan, before helping to defeat him, and then taking over the Citadel. He eventually became power-hungry due to the influence of The Three.


He is a Darigan paint Eyrie, which means he is dark purple with a black mane and red eyes. He is usually seen wearing regal armor.


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Driven insane by invisible demons, this former general in Lord Darigan's army rose to power after his master's downfall. Through underhand means he slowly took control of the Darigan Citadel that loomed over the happy realm of Meridell, and used his influence to build an army. An army that he would use to try and conquer the lands below.

What are his motives? Only he knows. Can he be stopped? Now that his magical spell on King Skarl has worn off, a heroic band of knights has started to mobilise against him.

Will he succeed with his plans?

Only time will tell.

Lord Kass was once one of Darigan's generals, and helped stop Lord Darigan from destroying Meridell after the orb corrupted him. Lord Kass then took over Darigan Citadel after Darigan was defeated, and fell under the influence of three malevolent spirits known as The Three, who prompted him to attack Meridell again, and corrupted him.

He was the main antagonist during the Battle for Meridell plot. He was defeated by Lord Darigan and the forces of Meridell, and when he failed to win the war, The Three seemingly killed him.



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  • Lord Kass was, at one point, considered a hero in the original TCG and before the Battle of Meridell plot.


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