The lab ray is a laser contained within the Secret Laboratory. It is owned by a mad scorchio scientist and is hidden deep under the sea. To get there, one must first collect all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map and view the Secret Laboratory section of the game Treasure Maps.

Labray scientist.gif

Once you have unlocked it, you can "zap" your pets daily. When you zap them, they change. Beware: Some of the changes may not be ones you like.

The Petpet Lab Ray can also be unlocked after you have access to the normal Lab Ray. The map for it is cheaper (~10k) and will have similar effects on your petpets.

Obtaining the Map Pieces

The pieces of map are normally expensive; because of this, the Trading Post is generally the best place to start. You can buy entire maps for around 1.2 million Neopoints on here, or you can get the pieces individually (this will generally save you a few points). They are also available from the auctions.

Estimated cost: ~1,000,000 nps (as of 7/14/13)

Some of the cheaper pieces are available through the Shop Wizard.

Map pieces may also be found randomly on the floor via RE's.

Another great way to get lab map pieces is through Key Quest. You can be rewarded with them, especially through gold keys, and thus have the chance to complete your map for free.

What the Lab can do

Lose Strength 5.1%
Lose Levels 5.5%
Lose Movement 4.9%
Lose Defence 4.9%
Back to Level 1 7.4%
Gain Levels 5%
Gain Movement 10.6%
Gain Defence 6.1%
Gain Hit Points 14.2%
Gain Strength 9.2%
Colour Change 9%
Species Change 5.4%
Gender Change 7.6%
No Change At All 5.1%

Exclusive Colors

The Lab Ray has some exclusive colours that can ONLY be obtained through zapping your pet. Even the Rainbow Fountain (Fountain Faerie) cannot give you these.

These colours are often considered Lab Ray colours, even though they are also available through Fountain Faerie Quests.

There are also some colours the Lab Ray cannot give you.



When your pet changes species because of the Lab Ray, you have a chance to obtain the Pwned by the Lab Ray avatar.

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