Kiko-lake map
Kiko Lake is a location in Neopia on Neopets. Naturally, Kiko are native to this region.

Site Description

" To the north-east of Neopia Central is a large lake formed within the caldera of a long-dormant volcano. Although you can't see much from above the surface, below is a underwater village where over a thousand Kikos make their home. For those of you that can't breathe underwater, you can try the Glass Bottom Boat Tour or investigate some of the onshore shops. "

Sub Locations

  • Kiko Lake Carpentry
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tours
  • Kiko Pop
  • Kiko Lake Treats


  • Colouring Pages


Altador Cup

Kiko Lake has an Altador Cup team. Dedicated fans are called Lakers or Kiko Lakers.

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