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Kass Basher
Neopoint-bag.png 0.83 Points = 1 NP
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult.gif Medium
Iaza14042565375008.gif Meridell
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Kass Basher is an Action game from Meridell on Neopets. It was previously known as Whack-A-Kass. It has an AddictingGames mirror and shares its name with an unfinished updated version at game IDs 842 and 1176, respectively. The unfinished game is shown to have international versions of the Kass Basher title card, and a few revamped sprites complete with animations. The reason it's unfinished may have to do with Flash being discontinued in 2020.

Site Description

"An evil villain is standing high above, in his floating citadel of death. He is plotting to destroy your land, so what do you do? Make a plushie that looks like him and hit it with a stick of course! Kass Basher is the most popular sport in Meridell at the moment (for obvious reasons). To play, grab a plank of wood (or something roughly the same shape), wait for the wind to be in your favour, and press the left mouse button to send Kass flying. Hitting Kass over large distances may even unlock bonus levels! Good luck!"




Kass Basher
Score a distance of 850+


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