The Kadoatie is a Petpet available here or from the Trading Post for around 7,000,000NP.

Kadoatie is what we like to call a pain in the neck. When it is bedtime and the lights go out, the Kadoatie cries continuously until you turn them back on. I hope you like to sleep with the lights on.

The basic Kadoatie is blue, but they can also be painted brown, christmas, cloud, disco, faerie, ghost, glowing, green, halloween, island, maraquan, mutant, pink, pirate, plushie, purple, rainbow, red, robot, snow, spotted, tyrannian, white, and yellow.

You can learn to draw the Kadoatie here.

You can buy real life Kadoatie Plushies in either Red, or a Mini White.


  • Blue Kadoatie Music Box
  • Blue Kadoatie Plushie
  • Clawed Kadoatie Plushie
  • Greedy Kadoatie Cap
  • Greedy Kadoatie Piggy Bank
  • Greedy Kadoatie Plushie
  • Greedy Kadoatie T-Shirt
  • I love Kadoatie T-Shirt
  • Island Kadoatie (TCG)
  • Kadoatie (TCG)
  • Kadoatie Balloon
  • Kadoatie Dot to Dot
  • Valentines Kadoatie PLushie
  • Red Kadoatie (TCG)
  • Raining Kadoaties v(TCG)
  • Precious Kadoatie Purse (Neocash)
  • Kadoatie Food Storage
  • Kadoatie Hair Brush
  • Kadoatie Puffs
  • Kadoatie Teaser
  • Kadoatie Usuki Set
  • Mutant Kadoatie (TCG)
  • Oragami Kadoatie
  • Pink Kadoatie Backpack
  • Pink Kadoatie Compact
  • Pink Kadoatie T-Shirt


Warf Rescue Team

The Kadoaties got stuck in a tree. You must stack Warfs on top of each other in order to create a safe way for the Kadoaties to get out of the tree.

Type trappedkadoaties to gain one extra life.

You can play this game here.

Feed Florg

As the name suggests you must help to feed Florg. Florg likes Petpets, and in particular Kadoaties. You can play this game here.

Mootix Drop

One of the levels in this game requires you to pass through 15 rings to land on the Kadoatie. You can play here.

The Kadoatery (and the Avatar)

In the Kadoatery you must feed the ever hungry Kadoaties, or Kads. Some do have extremely expensive tastes, but there are various ways to feed them. You can read the main article if you are interested in this.

One you have fed 75 Kads you will receive the Kadoatery - Mew! Avatar.


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