Ice Cream Machine
Neopoint-bag 10.00 Points = 1 NP
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult Medium
Iaza14042565375008 Terror Mountain
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Red Pteri The Daily Neopets
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Ice Cream Machine is an Action game from Terror Mountain on Neopets.

Site Description

" Adee the Chia has been eating too much Ice Cream. Ice Cream for breakfast, Ice Cream for lunch and Ice Cream for dinner. In fact, she has eaten so much that she's starting to get some pretty strange dreams! In her latest one she is trapped within a giant Ice Cream Machine, and must dodge the killer scoops that are trying to hit her... this time the Ice Cream is out for revenge! "


  • This game has a medal for 200 million plays
  • An older version of Ice Cream Machine was sent to the game graveyard. You can play it here.


  • strawberryvanillachocolate - Type during the level breaks for an extra life. Once per game.



Let's Play Neopets 3 Ice Cream Machine

Let's Play Neopets 3 Ice Cream Machine

Gameplay footage of Ice Cream Machine

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