Hunger is how full a Neopet is. Hunger can be seen on the sidebar which shows some stats of your active Neopet as well as on the Quick Reference page. A Neopet's hunger is satisfied when they are fed items. A bloated or very bloated Neopet may be unable to be fed items for a while. A hungry Neopet's mood may degrade over time.

A Pteri who is fed an item with the word "worm" in its name, or a Kau who is fed an item with the word "milk" in its name, will instantly become bloated.

The Skeith and Grarrl species of Neopets can eat any item currently in your inventory. Heavier non-food items fed to a Skeith or Grarrl will satisfy more of the Neopet's hunger than a lighter non-food item. Very heavy items such as the Hewn Stone Chair can cause a Neopet to be filled to the point where it can stay very bloated for multiple days at a time.

Status titles

  • Dying
  • Starving
  • Famished
  • Very Hungry
  • Hungry
  • Not Hungry
  • Fine
  • Satiated
  • Full Up
  • Very Full
  • Bloated
  • Very Bloated
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