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The Gelert ("gell-ert") is a loyal and brave canine-like Neopet. The current design was chosen from the Pick a Gelert competition, where The Neopets Team combined the winning picks - 2 and 5.

Gelert are 60cm (1.97ft) on average, making them one of the smaller Neopets.[1]

They are not limited edition, meaning you can create one whenever you like.

Site description: "Many Neopian Legends tell tales of a Gelert's selfless acts of courage. Once you befriend one, you can guarantee you have a faithful pal that will never let you down."[2]

Available Colours

Below are all possible colours for Gelerts. Hit "Expand" to see every one!

Gelert ghost
Baby Gelert
Faerie Gelert
Ghost Baby Faerie

Unconverted Pets

Some colours of Gelerts were exempt from auto-conversion when Neopets updated the pet art. Click "Expand" to see all possible unconverted Gelerts.

Gelert plushie baby
Gelert maraquan baby
Gelert grey baby
Plushie Maraquan Grey

Previous Versions

The angular Polypup had a chubby, sharp body. Instead of having a nose pad like its replacement, it simply had nostrils at the end of its rounded snout. After being renamed and redesigned on 19 July, 2000, Gelerts were given whip-like tails and ears. It was then redesigned on 29 November, 2001 to stand in the same perspective as the other Neopets.


Famous Gelerts


  • The name "Gelert" comes from a Welsh legend, where a dog of that name was the loyal companion of Prince Llywelyn.[3]


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  3. Legend
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