Three Faeries with an Aisha and some Babaas.

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The Neopets Faeries wander around Neopia giving out gifts, abilities and sometimes raising the level of a Neopet's skills. Everyone needs a little magic in their lives and the Neopian Faeries can add some unexpected and pleasant surprises. The faeries of Neopia are the most powerful of the creatures in Neopia and the elemental faeries can control the forces of earth, air, water, light, fire and darkness. Faeries are humanoid creatures with large wings(except the Water Faeries). Without their wings, they lose their magical powers and become Grey Faeries.

Some of the major faeries are the

Some other special faeries are the

Faerie quests are given by the Faerie Queen, the Uber Faeries, Aethia, Naia, Delina, and Mira.

Taelia also gives quests, but they are more along the lines of the Kitchen Quest, or Edna's quest.

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