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"The power granted by these evil imps is great, but its comes at a price. Once you have been blessed by a Dark Faerie you are forever tainted."

– Neopedia

Dark Faeries are a type of faerie generally associated with evil. However, good Dark Faeries do exist.

Typical Traits

Most Dark Faeries are purple in color, and have bat-like wings, although there are exceptions to both of these. While usually malicious, most Dark Faeries aren't fully evil, and only partake in minor mischief compared to those who earn their place in the gallery of evil.

Notable Dark Faeries


Faerie Cloud Racers II
You can pick the Dark Faerie to race in this game.

Cheat Code
Type FAERIE to clear all obstacles in the level, this can only be used once per game


The avatar "Dark Faerie" is a defult avatar. 


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