Coconut shy
Coconut Shy is one of the few games in the Deserted Fairground, which is run by a creepy-lookng Quiggle. The point of this game is to try to knock over coconuts on tall stands with a ball. Easier said then done. Even if you do aim directly at a coconut, the ball flys in a different direction. Most think this game is rigged, like the rest of the games in the Deserted Fairground, but very rarely, you could get lucky and win something great.

Each throw cost 100 Neopoints. If you hit a coconut you're awarded 50 Neopoints, and if you nearly knock it down you get 300 Neopoints. You are only able to shoot 20 times a day.

If you manage to knock down a coconut, you win 10,000 Neopoints and an extra special prize. You may also win an avatar.

If you manage to make a coconut explode you win 500,000 Neopoints. This is extremely rare, and almost never happens. So you shouldn't count on it.


  1. Right click in the game window once you have it loaded.
  2. Left click outside the game window.
  3. Aim your mouse at the bottom of the taller coconuts. This gives you a slightly better chance of knocking them off and winning.

Another tip is to always aim at the same coconut. This increases your chances of knocking it down. I have found if you aim right of the beginning part of the letter a in "Try Again", it hits it almost every time.

- The maximum amount of throws per day is 20.

  • HINT* Once you click outside of the window aim slightly right of the coconut (as in don't touch it directly with your pointer, have about 1-2mm of space in between) and you WILL be able to hit it.


There is also now a Coconut Shy avatar, 'Evil Coconut'. You can get this by knocking a coconut down, but is semi-random. Meaning you can usually get it on the first try you knock it down but it is random.

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