Checkered is a colour that a pet or Petpet can be painted.

How to Obtain

To get a Checkered Neopet, you will need access to the Secret Lab Ray, a Morphing Potion, a Checkered Paint Brush, or a Fountain Faerie Quest. You may also be able to adopt or trade one.

For a Checkered petpet, you will need access to the Petpet Lab Ray, or a Checkered Petpet Paint Brush.

Checkered Neopets

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CheckeredAcara CheckeredAisha CheckeredBlumaroo
Acara Aisha Blumaroo

Checkered Petpets

Antwerph checkered Flosset checkered Pandaphant checkered Slorg checkered Spyder checkered
Antwerph Flosset Pandaphant Slorg Spyder
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