Cellblock is a Strategy/Puzzle game located in the Darigan Citadel.

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" In the dungeons of the Darigan Citadel an eccentric (and, of course, evil) prison warden, Master Vex, forces his inmates to play a game of his invention: Cellblock. He keeps telling the prisoners that if anybody can ever beat
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him, they will be freed from the dungeon, but nobody has ever won a single game against him... which is most probably a good thing, as he is lying through his teeth "


There are 8 opponents in Cellblock. You must defeat each opponent before progressing onto the next. Later opponents are much more difficult to defeat.

Image Name Description
Prisoner One - Clop Nobody knows Clop's real name. In fact, nobody knows much about Clop at all because his only method of communicating is to clop his hooves on the floor. The other prisoners have assumed that one clop is yes, and two is no. They think three means he's hungry, and have absolutely no idea what four and five must mean!
Prisoner Two - Barallus Why they keep Barallus under such tight security has always confused the other prisoners. How could a puny little Korbat overcome the guards in order to escape? Maybe Lord Darigan knows something that nobody else does...
Prisoner Three - Squire Meekel Meekel never wanted to be a knight, but when Skarl promised fame and fortune, he signed up. Unfortunately, as soon as he stepped onto the battlefield, a pair of Darigan Skeiths swooped down and carried him off to eat for their lunch. He isn't sure why he hasn't been eaten yet, but has started to become suspicious of the large plates of food the guards feed him every day...
Prisoner Four - The Yellow Knight Not as well known as his brother the Green Knight, the Yellow Knight attempted a solo assault of the Darigan Citadel a week before the battle began. Unfortunately for him, his heroic antics ended him up in jail -- and he didn't even get the free t-shirt!
Prisoner Five - Number Five Known only by his prisoner number, Number Five is an peculiar old Lupe who keeps banging his stick against the wall and shouting things about Jelly World. We all know that Jelly World doesn't really exist, so it's a good thing he's locked away!
Guard One - Galgarrath Galgarrath believes that the prisoners should not be allowed to play games. However, he keeps playing them to keep Master Vex happy. He is a particularly clever player. Beware of his three-in-a-row "Dual Kougra Smash" and "Diagonal Kiko Uppercut" moves.
Guard Two - Haskol Haskol wins most of the Cellblock games he plays, mainly due to the fact that whenever he loses he tends to throw a bit of a tantrum... So if you want to keep your arms intact, it is highly recommended to let this Skeith win!
The Warden - Master Vex Master Vex is a prison warden who is incredibly bored. Lord Darigan has entrusted him to keep his dungeons safe and secure. However, this is a full time job, and Vex rarely gets to see any daylight at all. To pass the time, Vex invented the game of Cellblock, and oh... did we mention he has never lost a game?
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