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The Bori (bor-ee) is a timid Neopet originating from Terror Mountain. Previously, the Bori leader had hidden all Boris under the ice and then put them into a deep sleep. Their leader did this in order to keep them safe from the Bringer of Night who had killed many of their kind. Only the Keeper of Time stayed awake, in order to keep watch. Read the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot for the full story of how these amazing Neopets were awoken!

Bori are 40cm (1.31ft) on average, making them one of the smaller Neopets.[1]

They are not limited edition, meaning you can create one any day of the year.

In the fall of 2004, users were given the opportunity to own some of the very first Bori in Neopia. Anyone who downloaded the toolbar was allowed to either morph an existing pet into a Bori, or create a Bori from scratch. They could pick from five colours - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Ice. Each user was allowed only one Bori creation.[2]

Site description: "'Bori are timid little creatures that rarely leave their underground homes. Their sharp claws mean they are especially good at digging." [3]

Available Colours

Below are all 64 possible colours for Bori. Hit "Expand" to see every one!

Baby Bori
Bori maraqua happy
Mutant bori
Baby Maraquan Mutant

Unconverted Pets

Some colours of Bori were exempt from auto-conversion when Neopets updated the pet art.

Bori plushie baby Bori darigan baby Bori tyrannian baby
Plushie Darigan Tyrannian

Previous Versions

The design of the Bori did not change at all until customisation was introduced.[4]

Bori blue

Famous Bori

Ice Bori

Bori ice-create
If you want an Ice Bori - but don't already have one - then you're most likely not going to get one. You used to be able to get one by downloading the Neopets/Yahoo Toolbar, but it was only available during the Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot. You cannot get them from the Lab Ray or Rainbow Fountain either, and when an Ice Bori is abandoned in the pound, it's instantly transformed into blue, so don't count on finding one yourself. (They can be safely adopted, retaining their Ice color, when transferred at the Pound with the Pound Transfer Hissi.) Obviously, you can't create an Ice Bori with the pet creator either. Although, when the Bori just came out, that was how you created one! There remains one small possibility to convert your pet into an Ice Bori: win one of the annual Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaways.


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